What is love….??

I don’t know for sure which one is called love. But I know how to show love, I think. Love is about caring mind,helping hand, understandings, feeling something strange in mind or something like that. I always think when I will be with my beloved I will  love her more than anyone can ever imagine. I like to give a gift to anyone. If it is my beloved then, of course, I will gift her something special what I like. May be one statue of white stone, a bunch of flowers, 100 red Roses, or at least a special kiss.  I wish I could give my heart to her  to show that my every breath is for my beloved even my powerhouse of breathing is a small present I think. I don’t know what should I give…………


Love is one kind of emotional expression of human beings. May be for the other animals also. Is it only emotion, can’t we lovers face the present? cruel present I think. No one can accept love whoever s/he is. Many people don’t agree with me but its true. People who are in true love only can understand these kind of feelings of love. For the physician or psychiatrist it is a chemical reaction in our brain. So, what about mind?…….


I cannot sleep in the night…why? Think something strange, smile in my subconscious mind, do something heroic(never possible,I think)in real life, cry sometimes thinking about “what if”. Is that love…? Or am  I  staying in the world of foolishness?..

The other thing is morality and real world. What is it? Some kind of fucking rules to obey where u cannot live independently…cannot get whatever you want, cannot even think freely, cannot do anything to help yourself, be polite, go to school, complete your graduation, have a nice job, give your family the opportunity to be happy with you, freaking marriage to an unknown girl, having children, be old, die………….

Or the morality is being a fucking boy scout, search for someone, if you get her then make her the one and only goal, keep her in front of  everything, risk your life for her….which one?


Or combining both in your life…Can you do it?  Searching for a girl, get her and love her, complete your graduation,love and  family marriage, have two children, do something good, respect the rules of society, become the important one in the society……………………..Is that easy to do…?

About Mazharul Anwar

A PHP and javascript nerd believe in web applications and open source goodness. Ex MS Windows user converted to linux fanboy and love gadgets. Coding in python and maintaining servers become my passion. Website performance and optimization geek.
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