Official life and familly matter…

I miss a digital camera badly. The reason is I could not upload photos of my office and present life. I am enjoying every moment of it. Official days are bound strictly which start from 6.15 am. First brush my teeth, take a bath, wear clothes, take the food, take my bag and run for office. After 15 mins of walking I take bus to a place where there is only bus which  start journey 8.15 in the morning. I am always late in my office due to public transport. Transportation here is unpredictable. You never know when the bus will come or whether you will get it or not. You will get taxi easily but it is so expensive that I don’t even dare to ride on it. Around 1.00 o’clock I take my launch…My own food what I cooked last night :).

Sometimes I have to go out with my other colleague for launch. Sometimes Kopi Bar, shiva, McDonald, or any other Chinese restaurants as all of my colleagues are Chinese except one(Farhan). However, I and farhan love to go with them because they are so careful about both of us. They always look for the halal food for us and alert us about the foods which are not halal. Actually they are  very nice people. I got a perfect  environment of learning working and enjoying. My colleagues are always friendly and very jolly minded so I don’t feel bore even for a moment. I don’t want to say about our company because it is  well known company in this region. As a developer I have to write code or solve the problems of various programming problems. Rest of the works are maintained by design team.

After my official time I start to walk towards the bus stop which generally take 15 mins. I enjoy the walking in this time. Sunshine becomes soft in that time walking path is silent and lonely to accept my steps on her. Trees are shedding the whole road with their leaves and branches. Silent atmosphere alert the passers by about the nightfall. Quite charming to walk, everyday I walk and enjoy all those things. After coming home I cook for myself and then eat, make some notes or study and then go for a deep sleep………………..>>>


About Mazharul Anwar

A PHP and javascript nerd believe in web applications and open source goodness. Ex MS Windows user converted to linux fanboy and love gadgets. Coding in python and maintaining servers become my passion. Website performance and optimization geek.
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