All about Array in PHP

1. Array creation

  • using array() built in function for creating array in php code.

$a = array (
‘l’ => 10,
‘11’ => “test”,
‘another element’
var_dump ($a);

array(3) {
string(4) “test”
string(15) “another element”

2. Using the array operator

  • The array operator [ ] is used to address an element of a particular array. For example,

3. Counting the number of elements in an array
4. Assigning values to multiple variables from an array

  • using the list() function
  • advantages and disadvantages of list() function

5.   Multi dimensional array
6.   Navigation arrays

  • Using for loop by counting the numbers of elements in an array
  • using foreach iteration
  • Advantages and dis advantages
  • using the internal Pointer
  • using a callback function

7. Manipulating array keys


  • checking if an element exists
  • changing the arrays of keys
  • sorting an array by its keys
  • sorting parameter for sorting functions

8. Manipulating arrays


9. Sorting multidimensional arrays


10. Random and shuffle array

shuffle(), array_rand()

11. Merging arrays


12. Intersection and difference


13. Serializing arrays


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  1. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

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