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Google visualization API and Geomap

Most of us who use internet already know about Google Map and its API, some of us also know about visualization API as well. In short actually in the way how Google itself describe visualization API is “The Google Visualization … Continue reading

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Debugging, Quick Development of CSS using Firebug

When I learned CSS it was extremely tough for me to adjust the exact CSS style for a web page to work with JavaScript and XHTML. Although I am not a designer, I am very much interested about CSS for … Continue reading

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Some unimportant thoughts of mine

Walking alone on the road. Thinking of something strange. I am like that what I do, what I think there is no explanation even I don’t know why I do those things. Strange! Isn’t it?? Still now I am writing … Continue reading

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File Uploading problem and Troubleshooting in PHP

HTML form for the front end to upload a file: 1.The thing you should remmember with html form is you need to specify the method in the form. generally if you do not specify the form method it ill take … Continue reading

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