Some unimportant thoughts of mine

Walking alone on the road. Thinking of something strange. I am like that what I do, what I think there is no explanation even I don’t know why I do those things. Strange! Isn’t it?? Still now I am writing without any plan, thoughts, explanation. By the way, I am warning you after read all those crap in this post your head will be jammed and you don’t dare to blame me because I didn’t compel you to read this post πŸ˜‰ Last day I was thinking about human minds and their target or goal of life. What I found was interesting. Everybody has their own goal including me! That was pretty disturbing when I found I also have a goal to reach and accomplish some task actually some important task of my life 😦 However, my goal and task are different from others. I have a goal of getting someone whereas other people have goal to be successful in life. don’t get me wrong here, it’s true. If you ask yourself, what I want to do in the future? or In which position do I want to see myself at the age of 35 or 40? I am sure you will get an answer and it will be something like “a successful man…good position in a society…having my own car and house a beautiful wife as well πŸ˜‰ “…But for me the result comes pretty differently when I ask myself such kind of questions.

What are those?? Something that can prove easily that I am mad. I think I will be with my beloved. Doesn’t matter how rich or poor I will be. I just want to be with her. If anybody will ask me about my goal then I will answer without any doubt that my goal is to get her!!


About Mazharul Anwar

A PHP and javascript nerd believe in web applications and open source goodness. Ex MS Windows user converted to linux fanboy and love gadgets. Coding in python and maintaining servers become my passion. Website performance and optimization geek.
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