MySQL search query, collation and case sensitivity.

I was working on mysql database and was creating a search system module for a big mysql database. Everything was going fine as usual, query was working, no bugs, database was responding. However, the main problem that I notice was case sensitivity search. My searching query was case sensitive. Although I used LIKE ‘serachquery%’ in my code but the case sensitive search cannot be prevented. If you are having this problems then there are some solutions.

The first thing is you need to know about the database collation. What is collation? shortly ‘A collation is a set of rules for comparing characters in a character set’. If you want to know briefly about collation then you should look at mysql documentation about collation, encoding and character set.

There are three type of case sensitiveness in mysql database collation.

  • ‘_bi’ -> This means binary case sensitive
  • ‘_cs’-> This means case sensitive
  • ‘_ci’ -> This means case insensitive


1. First, look at your database and see what type of collation did you assigned for your table entity?? If it is binary case sensitive AKA ‘_bin’ or case sensitive AKA ‘_cs’ then your normal LIKE ‘searchquery%’ won’t work. So the first way is if it possible to change the collation type.

2. The second way is much easier and code related. the code can be something like this.

SELECT tableEntity FROM table_name WHERE UPPER(tableEntity) LIKE UPPER('search_query%');

The logic for this query is whatever search query is, we are making the query in upper case using UPPER() function of mysql and we are making the result of our tableEntity in uppercase as well.

Hope those solutions will help you. Happy coding! 🙂


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