Twenty Ten, celebration, Abroad Life and Me !

It was last year when I last updated my blog :P. It’s twenty ten(2010), a brand new year with lots of hope, inspiration for my walking in the clouds, a year where I need to finish some of my unfinished business, need to prepare for the happiest moment of my life, a year what will give me the chance to prove myself and a lots of other opportunities. I am also prepared for obstacles that I will have to face in this year.

It was a nice NYE I had passed here out of my country. I am thankful to Tan Jek Hui, one of my bosses, for inviting me at the NYE party with them. It was fun and interesting. I attended the wedding party of Ser Young(one of my colleagues) at 2nd January of twenty ten.  I am attending the university for this semester and applied for my visa. Those are all of important topics for last 1 and half months. Ohh I changed my house as well :D.

2009 was not that bad for me. I attended the university again, completed a semester, got a job in a promising digital agency, built my programming knowledge, worked with some geeks, created some websites, formed a group of promising young boys called polluxLab, started tweettering, become social media addict, gather some inspiration for my life, hell that’s  a lot. I have achieved so many things in the last year 🙂

There were something bad happened to me last year as well. However, it was not that scary. I have lost my laptops, need to pay a lots of  money to university. the most bad happened to me was I was physically broken, probably mentally as well in a specific point. I will try my best to be more perfect and will try to avoid any mistake in this year.

Wishlist for this year:

  1. Become a ZCE
  2. Become pro in Java
  3. Research and Development some ideas
  4. Regular Blogger
  5. Be with my Beloved
  6. Solve some personal problems
  7. Find the way of becoming happy! 🙂

Happy New year 🙂


About Mazharul Anwar

A PHP and javascript nerd believe in web applications and open source goodness. Ex MS Windows user converted to linux fanboy and love gadgets. Coding in python and maintaining servers become my passion. Website performance and optimization geek.
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