Md. Mazharul Anwar

Primary Introduction:
Happy to have you in my blog. Actually I am not that good and not so bad. I support humanity and humanity only nothing else. I believe in Almighty creator first and then human. Everything is for human even religion, country, racism, foods, everything.

Professional Introduction:
I am a professional web developer. I can assist you to build a website with my little experience of some programming languages, both server side and client side. I also consult about your website and hosting service in a cheap and perfect way by keeping SEO and social marketing in mind. If you want to discuss about your website or online application please do not hesitate to drop me some lines via email or DM(direct message) me in Twitter and I will contact you. I am always open for any freelance work.

Some curious things about me

  • Day Dreamer (almost all of my free times)
  • Movie addict (Any kind of movie except horror!)
  • Web addict (Breaking news and social sites like twitter, facebook, tech blogs, geeky stuff)
  • Curious about almost everything.
  • Fun maker.
  • Love to go unknown places.
  • I love to stay with my beloved.
  • Unsure about everything but intelligent to choose the path ;).
  • Hardcore Programmer

Md. Mazharul Anwar
Junior PHP Programmer
Integricity Corporation


2 Responses to Md. Mazharul Anwar

  1. Mahmud says:

    Whatever I cant know detail about you. Is there anything profile type??


    keep blogging. Is it only for technological info?

    • Thank you very much for your interest. If you really want to know about me please visit my LinkedIn profile. You can reach me by e-mail also :). No there is nothing “profile type”. You can see there are also some post about me and my emotions.. 😀

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